Our Staff

Springfield Staff

Joel Baum

Joel Baum - Sales Manager

417-720-1130 - joel@wehrrvs.com




Allen Erwin  - Finance Manager

417-720-1130 -aerwin@wehrrvs.com

Sherry Hicks - Title Clerk

417-720-1130 - sherryh@wehrrvs.com

Josh Fears - Sales Associate

417-720-1130 - jfears@wehrrvs.com

Michael Sommer

Michael Sommer - Sales Associate

417-720-1130 - scoobyzim@gmail.com


Ashley Cartee - Sales Associate

417-720-1130 - ashley@wehrrvs.com

Robert Wilson

Robert Wilson - Service Technician


Robert has a welding and fabricating background and has been an RV Technician for over 11 years.

Leanna Law

Leanna Law - Detailer


Mountain Grove Staff

Evan Cartee

Evan Cartee - General Sales Manager

417-926-3192 - evan@wehrautos.com

Evan has been the general sales manager here at Wehr Ford for over 10 years and in the car business for 18+ years. Evan has been married to his wife Amy for 28 years and has 2 children and 2 grandchildren. His greatest desire is that every customer who walks though our doors is treated as an honored guest here at Wehr Ford. Sales people in the car business have allowed themselves to forget whats important in this business. For this reason there have been a lot of negative feelings from customers over the years and he truly understands why. Evan's goal is to change the customers perspective from feeling negative to positive and to restore their trust! Favorite Quote- We are not in the car business, We are in the people business!"

Kevin Melvin

Kevin Melvin - Master Certified - Sales Manager

417-926-3192 - kevinm331@yahoo.com

Kevin is Ford Master Certified and Master Certified Jayco trailers. He has been with Wehr Ford for 12 years. Kevin is married and enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and seven children. Favorite Quote- "Whether you think you can or cant-You are already right."

Shilah Melvin

Shilah Melvin - Office Manager

417-926-3192 - shilah@wehrautos.com

19 Years Of Service With Wehr Ford

Edna Miller

Edna Miller - APAR/Warranty Clerk/Cashier

417-926-3192 - ednam@wehrautos.com

Over 20 Years Of Service With Wehr Ford

Misty Davidson

Misty Davidson - Sales Consultant

417-926-3192 - misty.wehrautos@gmail.com

Ben Dobson

Ben Dobson - Sales Consultant


Ben has been with Wehr for 4 years. Ben was just recently married to his wife Miranda. Congrats to you both.  

Bob Baker - Sales Consultant


Zach Dewitt

Zach Dewitt - Service Advisor

417-926-3192 - Zach@wehrautos.com

Zach has been with Wehr for over 3 years. He is a Master Certified Service Advisor.

Colton Kreuser

Colton Kreuser - Service Advisor

417-926-3192 - colton@wehrautos.com

DJ Crites

DJ Crites - Parts Dept.


DJ has been with Wehr Ford for over 5 years.

Joe Hicks

Joe Hicks - Master Certified Ford Technician


Over 16 Years Of Service With Wehr Ford

Nathan Goad

Nathan Goad - Service Technician


Nathan has been with Wehr Ford for over 15 years

Brandon Shannon

Brandon Shannon - Service Technician


9 Years Of Service With Wehr Ford

Mark Sparting

Mark Sparting - Service Tech


Mark has been with Wehr for almost 1 year

Jeremiah Stark

Jeremiah Stark - Technician

Jeremiah has been with Wehr for over 4 year.

Bryant White

Bryant White - Service Tech


Bryant has been with Wehr for almost 3 years

Michael Harver

Michael Harver - Service Tech


Michael has been with Wehr for almost 1 year

Shane Walter

Shane Walter - Sevice Tech


Shane has been with Wehr for almost 1 year now.

Donald Dobbs

Donald Dobbs - Detail Tech


Over 16 Years Of Service With Wehr Ford

Race Mabe

Race Mabe - Detail Tech


Race has been with Wehr for over 2 years.